Camp Chelan Adventure

Recently the Wenatchee youth ministry department, Crossw@lk, took 40 youth and ministry staff to Camp Chelan, Wash., for a weekend of paintball, swimming, snorkeling, boating, jet skiing and worship. Camp Chelan is a Seventh-day Adventist owned camp on the north side of Lake Chelan proximately 1.5 miles from 25 Mile Park.

Philip Milosavljevic, Andrews University student, spoke for the event and challenged unchurched youth to "give God a chance" and reach out to Him through prayer. Milosavljevic also challenged churched youth by using the story of Ezekiel to "stop being silent" regarding their faith. He did a dynamic job and during the weekend several young people prayed for the very first time.

For Sabbath School, attendees built three Bible cities (Gaza, Jericho and Jerusalem) which were used on Sunday as paintball forts. For the church service, participants sat in 65-degree water, sang songs and listened while Milosavljevic preached from an old fishing boat. All day Sabbath, attendees stayed close to the water since it was well over 100 degrees outside. On Saturday night, campers hooked a video projector to a generator and watched the movie "Faith like Potatoes."

Because Camp Chelan can only be accessed by boat, one particular individual ferried members across both ways. Clyde Skeels, from the East Wenatchee (Wash.) Church, faithfully came through. In all, he invested well over six hours moving people and supplies across to 25 Mile Park. Ron Knutson provided his ski boat and jet skis for the weekend and donated the gas.

Special thanks go to the Crossw@lk Youth Evangelism team who coordinated the event and made it a fun adventure. For more information about the Crossw@lk youth ministry, go to

Because Camp Chelan can only be accessed by boat, members are looking for a working boat to make regular access possible. If you know of someone willing to donate a boat to the Crossw@lk youth ministry department or the Wenatchee Church, please contact them at (509) 663-4032.

Featured in: October 2009