Lacey Burns Promissory Note

The Lacey (Wash.) Church has paid off the debt on Tuttle Hall, the church's fellowship hall, and celebrated with a public burning of the promissory note during a recent church service.

Members borrowed $110,000 toward expenses of $380,000 to build the fellowship hall. When Washington Conference's building appropriation fund was unfrozen last year, thanks to a tithe blessing, Lacey received a grant for $38,000.

The grant energized the church, and members voted to pay off approximately $80,000 of the remaining debt by the end of 2008—a goal the church met.

Tuttle Hall is used for fellowship dinners, special programs, and has also been made available for community use in the event of a disaster. Lacey Church members praise God for His wonderful blessings and rejoice the fellowship hall is now debt-free.

Featured in: April 2009