Kent Renovation Whacked Into Action

April 01, 2009 | Sally Herigstad

The Kent (Wash.) Church raised money for their church renovation and kicked off the long-awaited project by selling the rights for the first whack at the wall. It was much like a groundbreaking, but instead it was a wall breaking. The wall between the vestibule and the sanctuary will be removed.

Members of the Kent Church have heard about new carpet, roof, and other improvements for so many years they may have difficulty believing it’s finally happening. But if they were at the church on Jan. 29, they became believers. First, they watched Buzz Manchester take a sledgehammer to the wall.

Brad Jacobson had something other than a sledgehammer in mind. He brought a homemade potato gun—about 6 feet long. When he blew potato-shaped holes into the wall, people began running in from other parts of the building to see what was going on.

Manchester and Jacobson bought their “First Whack” rights at the annual church renovation auction. After they did considerable damage to the wall, other members took turns with the sledgehammer and potato gun, surprising one another with their ability to punch large holes in the wall.

Now their only challenge is explaining the hash browns inside the wall to the general contractor!