Upper Columbia Conference Leases a Temporary Office

On Tuesday, Jan. 27, the Upper Columbia Conference received the key to a temporary location for the office. The search took several weeks of looking at available space and negotiating a lease agreement.

The temporary site will be home to the UCC staff for the next two years while the office building that burned in December 2008, is rebuilt.

The new location seems to be a miracle from God. Doug Johnson, UCC vice president for administration, says, “We are amazed and thankful for His leading in this relocation process.”

It will take several weeks for the building to be prepared for the office staff and even more time for the staff to move in and get established in this facility. UCC tentatively plans to open the new office to the public in early to mid-March. The exact date for the opening ceremony will be announced on the conference Web site, www.uccsda.org.

The office building is located at 15918 East Euclid in the Spokane Business Park in the Spokane Valley. The office building, built in 1996, has adequate space, although it is smaller than the original office that burned. In addition to the office staff, the new building will also house the Adventist Book Center.

Featured in: March 2009


Jay Wintermeyer

North Pacific Union assistant to the president for communication and Gleaner editor