Native Americans Request Health Expo

"Could your church do some kind of health-educating program at our Inchelium Pow Wow?” Juanita asked Eugene Panasuk, the personal ministries leader. The Inchelium Church had longed to somehow reach the local Natives in one of their areas of greatest need—Health! Now they were asking us! Why?

At that time the Inchelium Church was conducting a Child Evangelism program every Sabbath afternoon for the Native children under the leadership of Lisa (Panasuk) Quade, director of Feeding His Lambs Ministries. Each week health nuggets and activities were part of the children’s program. At school, Juanita, the head cook, began noticing changes in the children. Instead of soda pop they requested water; instead of cookies they told Juanita about the healthy cookies they’d made at the children’s program; and in class they said “no-thank-you” to the snacks.

“I think our whole school needs to know about this health-educating program that’s making such a difference,” Juanita told Panasuk.

After displaying the 16 Health Expo panels at the Pow Wow, Juanita asked us to share with the entire community during Inchelium Days.

For the past three years, we have been privileged to conduct the Health Expo with great interest from the community. Quade has also created a children’s corner which the children love!

According to Panasuk, Health Expo coordinator, the leaders in the community are very supportive. The organizer of the 2006 Inchelium Days said, “You have to come back and conduct the health program for you are an integral part of our Inchelium Days celebration.” One regular participant, said, “I will be back to go through the health screening as I want to see the test results. I have been making the changes in my life you recommended the past two years.”

Yes, the hearts of our Native friends can be reached through the right arm of the gospel. “Medical missionary work... is the gospel practiced, the compassion of Christ revealed. Of this work there is great need, and the world is open for it” (Ellen G. White, Medical Ministry, p. 239).

Featured in: January 2007