Friendship Baskets for Nampa Church

"A ministry of the heart" is how Pam Day describes her efforts in making “friendship baskets” for newly baptized members or members transferring into the Nampa Church.

When she first arrived, there was a basket for her containing welcome gifts of baked goods, food, a candle and numerous other things. The basket made a lasting impression on her and when she realized it wasn’t being done anymore, she took on the task of welcoming new members.

She says, "I have so much fun making these baskets." She especially enjoys customizing them. For instance, a teenage girl might get bubble bath, lotion or funky socks. Puzzles and games might be the contents of a basket for a child.

Recently a Revelation Seminar with evangelist Richard Halversen presented Day with a new opportunity. The seminar, which finished in early October, resulted in 16 baptisms, 10 joined by profession of faith and there were 5 rebaptisms.

The week before the baptisms, Day asked for help from the church in getting things ready for 20 baskets. The response was amazing and some of the items that arrived for the baskets included homemade whole-wheat breads, cupcakes, cookies, books and candles. After making the baskets she found out that there would be two more baptisms on Sabbath, and Bonnie Tyson-Flyn offered to prepare those baskets.

Many of the recipients have shared their heartfelt thanks for the warm welcome they have received.

Ervin Furne, Nampa pastor, commented, “The Nampa Church members, as usual, are welcoming all who come through the doors of our church with open arms and hearts. The Spirit of our Lord is present here.”

Featured in: January 2007