WWVA's Senior Class Officers

December 01, 2006 | Angela Oetman

"Do we have to build our shelters while it’s raining?” was the plaintive question asked by one senior on a wet September afternoon in the backwoods of Camp MiVoden. With her classmates she was about to experience the five-and-a-half days of WWVA’s Senior Survival.

“Yes,” was the reply, “and the sooner the better.” With a sigh of resignation she and her friends turned and trudged off toward the girls’ area, black plastic and twine in hand to attempt the process of shelter building.

Survive they did and in the strength and unity which grows from these types of experiences the class of 2007 elected, at the school’s annual fall picnic, the officers who will lead them through the year.

“This is an awesome class. Together, we will accomplish great things for God and others,” was the comment made by one member of the class.