New Staff Start at Upper Columbia Academy

December 01, 2006 | Carmen Slavens

The students weren’t the only ones excited about starting the new school year. Upper Columbia Academy's (UCA) faculty and staff were excited as well, and they welcomed several new members into their ranks this year.

According to Jeff Bovee, UCA principal, “we are off to a very positive and Spirit-filled year. We have a tremendously strong and talented group of staff who know the true meaning of being a team.”

New staff members include: Chandra Duckett, math; Kellie Humbert, Spanish; Dean Kravig, band; Mel Wade, IT director; Mark Lockwood, vice principal for finance; Lois Wade, librarian; Scott North, marketing/recruitment/transportation director; Carmen Slavens, HOPE Taskforce and communications; and Matthew Smith, associate pastor/freshmen Bible/Sabbath activities. To see each staff member's picture individually, their responsibilities and their contact information, go to and click on "staff."