A New Kind of Happy Hour

December 01, 2006 | Elaine Drury

Vacation Bible School season may be over, but not in Troy, Idaho. “Why can’t we have it all year long?” chorused the group led by sisters Yvonne Nelson and Brenda Hunt. Hunt had long felt the need to reconnect with the kids more than just once a year, and thus the Happy Hour was conceived in her mind.

Troy is a rural community with a country church that attracts a vigorous group for VBS. Hunt has added a postlude Happy Hour that meets once a month on Sabbath afternoon at the church. The same format as VBS is used, complete with Bible stories, crafts, playtime, snacks and lots of singing. Hunt and Nelson are concentrating on Bible verses set to music so the children are singing them month to month.

Attendance ranges from 15 to 25 kids. Instead of saying, “See you next year," they now say “See you next month.” With the more frequent contact Hunt feels they are the children's friends, not just their teachers.