Music, Melons and Ministry Anchor Point Outreach

December 01, 2006 | Claudia Flaiz

The Anchor Point church plant in Stanfield, Ore., wanted to tell people in the community about their church and ultimately of God. On Sept. 2, Anchor Point hosted Lisa Marie Buster in concert at the Umatilla County Fairgrounds in Hermiston, Ore.

Steve Walker, a melon farmer and active member of Anchor Point, donated watermelons that were served to the concert attendees. The “free watermelon” in the advertising helped bring people to the concert.

Involved in preparations for the event were long-time members, non-members and brand-new members, all in the thick of things. The camaraderie helped those who are not core members yet, or on the fringes, to feel like part of the body of Christ in working together. Having the concert on a Saturday night at the county fairgrounds helped bring in the mostly “non-member” crowd.

Concertgoers had the opportunity to fill out interest cards, with the option to mark the church and pastor of their choice for further information or study.

At the concert, Walker was thinking, “What can I do to cultivate goodwill between the Adventist church and other area churches?” So one Sunday morning he called several area churches and asked if they would like it if he brought a bin of watermelons to their churches. Surprised and pleased, the members of several area churches enjoyed picking up a free, delicious watermelon or two on their way out of church on several Sundays. One churchgoer told Walker, “Relations between churches would be better if more people would do things like that.”

Walker said, “I just thought ‘why do we as Seventh-day Adventists have the audacity to think we’re the only ones God loves? Why can’t we bridge the gap and show love to everybody?’” Then he added, “It won’t hurt to build a bridge or two. I want to live like He’s coming tomorrow, and I have to believe that some of these people are going be in heaven with me; so if they’re going be my brothers, I better get to know them and build relationships with them.”