Lewistown Church Shares Jesus Through Singing

December 01, 2006 | Penny Horan

Karl Johnson, Lewistown personal ministries leader, and a small band of nine volunteer carolers braved the cold of a Montana winter to go to homes in their church’s neighborhood, singing and handing out inspirational pamphlets and Bible study cards. The group, which grew to 22 strong, also sang at two local nursing homes. At one facility, Johnson presented a moving Bible-based narration/introduction to each hymn as the group sang the hymns. Lewistown pastor Elmer Dow joined the group at one facility and read the Bible passages telling of Christ’s birth. The residents in these facilities were filled with joy and began to sing songs of the birth of our Lord and Saviour.

The overall response from the community is summed up in a note of thanks sent from one of the activity directors: “Thank you so much for sharing your time and talent with us. We enjoyed your message and your beautiful singing.” While it’s good to get a letter of thanks, our main goal—to share Jesus and lift Him up for others to see—has seen some rewards already. One of the “neighbors of the church” has been attending regularly since he and his wife joined our caroling group.