Kids for Christ Are a Mission Field A Magnificient Investment

December 01, 2006 | David Wallace

Most Christians are familiar with the 10/40 Window (a geographic region containing the largest population of non-Christians in the world), sometimes called the most challenging area of the world for Christian mission.

However, there is another important mission target: the 5/13 Window, according to Don Bryan, Spokane Junior Academy (SJA) principal.

“Investment in kids is the greatest investment you can make,” Bryan said. Research by the Barna Research Group shows that children between the ages of 5 and 13 are five times more likely than adults to make a lifetime commitment to God. If children don’t receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior by the time they leave the 8th grade, they later adopt Jesus only 4 percent of the time.

“However, those who embrace Jesus between 5 and 13 years of age keep Him in their hearts for life 32 percent of the time. That’s an amazing window! That is the ‘5/13 Window,'" explains Bryan.

Christian education is at the heart of presenting Jesus Christ to children during those critical years. SJA has a mission of ‘Showing Jesus Always,’ said Bryan. “Our mission is to provide a place where children may learn about Jesus and experience the love of Christ within the school environment."

The school is raising funds for the new campus on North Government Way in Spokane. Investing in kids in the 5/13 Window gives a potential 32 percent return on investment.

“More than mental discipline, more than physical training, an education at SJA is designed to develop character and a path toward a life of blessing and service. It is royalty we serve, for our students are children of the King,” Bryan concluded.