Center Court Ministry Choir Performs at Sonics Game

A combined church choir took their music ministry to court recently—a basketball court, that is.

Members from two Seattle-area churches, Emerald City and Breath of Life, joined the Northwest Connection Community Choir to perform the national anthem before a Seattle Sonics basketball game in Key Arena.

Zhalena Slaughter, an Emerald City leader, arranged the performance before 15,000 fans to bring awareness to Habitat for Humanity’s Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts. A portion of ticket sales from the Feb. 28 game against the New Orleans Hornets went to benefit Habitat.

“We believed that God could receive glory even if we were just singing the national anthem—and it happened,” said Damian Chandler, Emerald City associate pastor and choir director.

The crowd responded loudly and enthusiastically to this performance.

“We were told later that one of the Sonics employees was in tears during the rendition and asked what church we were from, with hopes of visiting one day,” Chandler said.

The choir members appreciated this opportunity to perform and witness for their Savior.

“As I looked into the stands, I couldn't help but think that Jesus died for them and He wants them to know that,” added Chandler. “I have been praying that God would enlarge our territory and continue to open doors to the gospel. Maybe the Sonics will be our new mission field. You never know.”

Featured in: May 2006