Riverside Youth Point the Way

An angry Egyptian overseer; three jealous, bumbling Persian officials; two gossiping friends; and one man who really rocked the boat.

These characters and more paraded past Riverside Church members Jan. 6 as their local Pathfinder club shared the Sabbath morning worship service. The program was written and performed almost entirely by teens and preteens in the club.

“I’m very happy to see how God is using the youth in our club to be such a blessing to our church family,” said Julia Scribner, Pathfinder director.

The program offered close-up looks at the lives of Noah, Moses and Daniel and focused on faithfulness and courage. Sermonettes illustrating the power of faith in these men’s lives were interspersed with short skits in costume and a variety of musical arrangements.

Ashley Dole, 11, narrated the skits. “I’m really glad to see everybody involved in this, because we can make a difference in other people’s lives,” said Dole.

“I liked how none of the kids were crying or complaining. Everybody was just watching and paying attention,” added Sierra Watson, 10.

“I would encourage other churches to let their kids get more involved in the preparation and presentation of programs,” Julia Scribner said. “It is exciting for the kids to be used by God and a blessing for those who see it.”

Featured in: March 2006