Mount Ellis Academy Leaders Associated Student Body Officers Are Elected

Six notable leaders were selected recently by the student body at Mount Ellis Academy. The mission for their service at MEA is already being defined. “We are going to be leaders at this school by setting an example of Christ-like character,” said Nick Gladden, MEA senior and newly appointed ASB president. “We plan to bring the school closer together.”

Gladden is supported in his plans by Scott Norton, executive vice president; Paul Curtis, chaplain; Bailey Graham, secretary; Charisa Ransom, treasurer; Garrison SinClair, sergeant of arms.

Gladden’s team members also have their individual goals to accomplish. “I want to see every kid have a personal relationship with Jesus,” said Chaplain Curtis, MEA senior. “That’s kind of a big thing to me.”

The officers, who will only serve for one semester, are already making plans to amend the school’s constitution to a yearlong term in order to give future officers an opportunity for greater service.

Featured in: March 2006