Mayor Offers Community Involvement Vision

Mike Deal, Puyallup mayor, shared his vision for church involvement in community projects at the opening session of a Revelation Now series with Jac Colón at the Puyallup (Wash.) Seventh-day Adventist Church.

“A lot of people look to the government to solve all the [community] problems,” Deal said. “You as a faith community can do a lot to help relieve the suffering in Puyallup.”

Mayor Deal then suggested several community-service options, including a volunteer health clinic, a tutoring program, and shelter for homeless people on particularly cold winter nights.

Inviting the mayor to speak offered the congregation several ideas to jump-start their community involvement. “We want to learn how to better benefit our community,” said Kieth Noll, Puyallup Church senior pastor.

“Jesus supplied people’s felt needs and then fulfilled their deeper need,” Noll explained. “We want to do the same. We want the community to know we are here, and we care."

The Revelation Now series allowed Puyallup Church members to apply their friendship-building skills as an average of 75 community members consistently attended the meetings.

As guests attend the Puyallup Church every weekend, it is important for the congregation to be intentional about personal ministries. It’s “a strong aspect” of the congregation, Noll said.

At the close of church services on Sabbath, the personal ministries team takes note of visitors, obtains contact information, and follows up with a phone call or brief visit and a popcorn package thanking guests for “popping in.”

As further personal ministries plans unfold, the Puyallup Church is looking forward to meeting more community needs.

Featured in: March 2006