Lake City Junior Academy Gets a New Gym Roof

Lake City Junior Academy, the school for the churches in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, area, has finally had a much-needed makeover, namely a new gym roof for its kindergarten through 10th grades. The original flat gym roof, built approximately 50 years ago, served its purpose in times past, but many years of harsh weather had deteriorated it beyond one more patch job.

The project began on a summer day, July 23, and lasted through September. Volunteers from the Coeur d'Alene Church accomplished the task by working on Sundays.

The church had been saving for a long time to accumulate $10,000 for trusses to take it from a flat roof to a pitched roof. Before it had no insulation, but now it has an insulation factor of R49. Other upgrades include rain gutters and vinyl siding on the exterior and an updated heating system.

Approximately 40–50 volunteers—men, women and youth—nailed shingles, braced trusses, rolled roofing, did framing and cleanup each Sunday. Many people also gave their time to provide breakfast and lunch to keep everyone’s energy up.

We are so thankful for Lake City Junior Academy in a world that so badly needs Christian education. We appreciate the teachers and other mentors who provide our children with a good education and lead them into a relationship with Jesus.

Featured in: March 2006