Hispanic Adventist Men Hold Spiritual Retreat

January 01, 2006 | Pablo Cervantes

"A Man in Conformity with God’s Heart” was the theme of the first men’s retreat organized by the Yakima (Wash.) Hispanic Willow and Three Angels churches on April 30, 2005.

Hector Vidales, an Adventist pastor from Escondido, Calif., was the featured speaker. He has extensive experience in hosting men’s retreats. In these meetings, his goal was to give the Christian men good self-esteem, to recognize their importance as servants of God, and also their spiritual value. Pablo Maldonado, who has some training in family counseling, talked about the different temperaments and men's social, familial, and church behaviors.

With laughter, learning and spiritual joy, the attendees made the commitment to be better Christians, better husbands, and better representatives of the kingdom of God.

After the meetings, they decided to meet again every three months to continue learning more about God’s Word.