God Blesses St. Maries Christian School

January 01, 2006 | Martha George

St. Maries Christian School began in the year 2004–05 as an outreach school to the community. We stepped out in faith, even though we did not have enough students to meet our budget. Every month, just as the treasurer needed to write the checks, enough money was donated to pay the bills. Usually we had less than $10 in the check book when she was done.

We received a $5,000 grant to aid special education projects through the North Idaho Community Foundation. They usually do not give grants to church schools, but they gave us a grant because they saw that we were involved in providing needed programs for the community. We offered Community Emergency Response Training and a Protecting Your Child program.

This year only half of the students who were registered showed up. With only five students and over $6,500 in expenses, we asked God for a sign to indicate we were following His leading. At our first board meeting, a lady walked in and asked if she could register her daughter. This was a sign to us that the school was still in God's hands, and He has continued to pay the bills.

Half of our students are from the community, and they are thankful for our alternative school. Two of these parents wrote glowing letters for me to present to the North Idaho Community Foundation. This year we are a conference school with a full-time teacher, Verna Sonnentag, who was our lower-grade teacher last year. The Lord also sent us Heather Chrowl, a task force worker from Walla Walla College.

In the last week of October and first week of November, we received more than $12,000 in donations! This is the first time we have had an excess. We know the Lord is blessing His school in St. Maries. Please pray for His school!