Community Leaders MEA Students Inspire the Community to Action

January 01, 2006 | Keri Newell

It was unusual to see bright, young faces at a gathering with bank presidents, government officials and other local business leaders. Even more unusual was the fact that they were presenting the keynote address for a Community Leaders’ Brunch, organized by the Gallatin Valley United Way.

On Sept. 11, 50 students from Mount Ellis Academy climbed their namesake mountain with more than $10,000 in pledges for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Because of their early mobilization and elaborate efforts to raise money, the local United Way asked for several students from Mount Ellis Academy to speak about their experiences as a way to inspire and motivate local community leaders.

The students talked briefly about one aspect of the fundraiser, their personal experience and what they learned about leadership and motivation. They concluded by showing a short film of students climbing Mt. Ellis. The audience was enthralled to see high school students show such great interest and compassion for the world around them.