Don Keele Award Makes KASN News a Reality

August 01, 2005 | Vivian Beierle

"Good morning, and welcome to KASN News broadcast for today.” This announcement begins another school day here at Kirkland Adventist School as students put on a daily news broadcast complete with anchors and reporters.

I got the idea for a news broadcast while attending a technology workshop where a teacher shared her experience with a student-run news broadcast. I couldn’t wait to get one started at my school.

We needed funding for a computer and software, a video camera, lighting, microphones and more. I applied for the North Pacific Union education department's Don Keele award and was awarded $3,000. The school was able to purchase a computer and software for our broadcast. Borrowing a used video camera, we were ready to start.

The eighth-grade class heads up the broadcast. Students are assigned jobs as computer techs and editors, cameramen, reporters, writers, and anchors, including weather people and sports announcer. Our technology director, Vladimir Bokov, is our adviser.

Working on the broadcast has been fun, exciting and a lot of hard work. Students have learned to take responsibility and have gained confidence and self-esteem. All students, K–8, have had an opportunity to be guests on the show, with the older students coaching and directing the younger ones. It has brought a unifying spirit to the school.

This year we received the Don Keele award for $2,000. We will be adding a new video camera, microphones, and lighting. If any of you are ever in the Kirkland area, please stop by the school and watch our show.