A Week of Compassion Sponsors Needy Children

"A Week of Compassion,” Positive Life Radio’s (PLR) recent fund raiser for Compassion International, concluded with sponsorship for 202 needy children. Sponsors pledged $32 per month to help a child in South America, Africa or Asia. With the average sponsorship lasting five years, it is estimated that $387,840 was raised.

Compassion International works in more than 20 developing countries, with more than 625,000 children, to help implement community programs that equip children for the future by providing for their core needs—spiritual, physical, economic and social. Through one-on-one sponsorship, Compassion International links caring individuals with children living in poverty. Compassion teams with radio stations and churches across the country to raise money for child sponsorship, puts on fund-raising concerts, and accepts donations through the Internet.

“When we do a fund-raising event with a radio station staff that so personally believes in the cause of what Compassion is doing around the world, those are the stations that we really love to partner with,” says Jocelyn Clarambeau, Compassion International radio marketing manager, speaking of collaborating with PLR. “It was a really great experience for us, and we really sensed the deep level of commitment.”

PLR teamed with Compassion International for the first time this year in an ongoing effort to bring a balance of both local and international projects to the listening family. “Presenting opportunities of various types allows everyone to find a place to reach out to help others,” says Kevin Krueger, PLR station manager.

Featured in: April 2005