TCJA Salutes Our Heroes

March 01, 2005 | Anita Lebold

Tri-City Junior Academy (TCJA) hosted a Veteran’s Day breakfast and program in honor of those who served for the freedom of our country. To open the program, Pathfinders, dressed in Class A uniforms, presented the flag. The TCJA choir and band presented patriotic pieces including the "Veteran’s Salute," a medley of military songs. Veterans present were asked to stand when the song representing their branch of service was played. TCJA Principal Anthony Oucharek introduced the veterans in the audience as each stood to be recognized for their service.

Karen English, home and school leader, invited a representative of the local community chapter of American Citizens Encouraging Support (ACES) to attend the program. English and TCJA students presented the representative with items collected for ACES to include in gift boxes for those currently serving our country. Nick Lull gave a testimony about what the ACES gifts and activities in support of veterans meant to him personally during his recent term of service.

The program closed with a prayer of thanks for those who have given of themselves for the freedom and protection of our country and for the protection of those currently serving.