The Mystery of the Missing Brochures Lakeview Church's Evangelistic Series

Several years had passed since Lakeview Church had last held an evangelistic series, and members knew that their community needed to hear the three angels' messages again.

Steve and Alberta Cook, Oregon Conference evangelists, were invited by George White, Lakeview pastor, to conduct a series of meetings called Revelation Speaks Hope. Each night would also feature a Health Nugget by Alberta Cook and a song service conducted by White and Steve Cook.

Brochures were to go out at least three days before the meetings would begin on Sept. 10. But when the evangelist arrived on Thursday, Sept. 9, the brochures had not been delivered.

The pastor and evangelist sped to the post office to inquire about the delay. The postmistress hadn't seen the brochures. The men were relieved when she called and said they had found the ones for the post office boxes. These addresses made up three quarters of the towns' addresses.

It was not too late for spots to be aired Friday and Sabbath on the local radio station. And the manager was gracious enough to replace some already programmed segments with our spots advertising the meetings.

Then, unfortunately, the postmaster called to inform them that only a few of the brochures addressed to post office boxes had been found. The mystery of the missing brochures was never solved, but the ones that were found finally did get out to some of the townspeople during the first week of the meetings.

The Lord holds the key to this mystery, and also to the one which included two decisions for baptism as a result of hearing the radio spots. The Lord is truly in charge of His work. We are “God’s fellow workers,” just doing our part to share His Word with as many as will listen—especially those who can't receive their mail!

Featured in: January 2005