Mt. Ellis Academy Senior Recognition

On a snowy morning, the Mt. Ellis Academy class of 2005 officers soared through the air in medical helicopters. Suddenly the roar of helicopter blades could be heard over the campus, and the helicopters landed in the nick of time to announce the officers to the rest of the student body. With the theme song from "Mash" playing, the rest of the class waited anxiously in the chapel.

The officers quickly evacuated the helicopters and loaded their president, Liz Neuharth, on the backboard to be carried into the chapel. Ron Halvorsen, chaplain; Chris Gillig, vice president; Katie Burden, secretary; Emily McFadyen, treasurer; Patrik Fallang, sergeant-at-arms; and Ashley Duffy and Raygell Kierindongo, class representatives, carried the backboard. Bette Terwillegar, our historian, recorded the event for Mt. Ellis Academy history.

The officers were dressed in hospital scrubs and the rest of the class in camouflage clothes to reflect the theme of the announcement.

This dramatic introduction of the senior class officers was the kickoff for Senior Recognition Weekend. Saturday night the seniors performed "Shakespeare Comes to Gravel Gulch."

Featured in: January 2005