Anchorage New Births: 35 New Members and One New Church

Beginning with a power-packed weekend directed towards those who wished to re-energize their lives, All Power Seminar speaker Leo Schreven addressed more than 500 people in a renovated Anchorage mall store.

Immediately following the All Power weekend, Schreven began a five-week series of evangelistic meetings. More than 35 people were baptized, and several joined the Adventist church in Anchorage by profession of faith. The event was coordinated by pastors of the Anchorage area churches, including Edson Joseph, Brant Berglin, Rick Cabero, Lloyd Hallock, Andrew Kim, Robert Martinez, and Lauilo Poua. Live translation into Korean and Spanish was provided by low power FM broadcast.

As new members visited churches in Anchorage, they found small groups of various kinds—including a men’s accountability group, a knitting group, an exercise group, and several Bible study groups—ready to help them grow in Christ.

Anchorage’s newest congregation and ninth church, The Second Mile (a name taken from Jesus’ teachings in Matthew 5:41) planned its launch to coincide with the seminar’s conclusion, and on Nov. 6, more than 60 people attended, including several who had never made a commitment to Christ.

Several new members from the seminar joined The Second Mile’s “Milestones” course, a group experience designed to move people into a deeper walk with Jesus, study the special message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, prepare them for ministry in the local church, and develop them as leaders.

As the pastor of the Second Mile Church, I am excited about what has happened. The potential of new births in Christ in Anchorage is thrilling to witness and be a part of!

Featured in: January 2005