Wenatchee Teen Raises Funds for the Maasai

October 01, 2003 | Kim Eastman

Shane Wood, an 18-year-old Cascade Christian Academy senior, organized two lucrative fundraisers this summer to benefit the Maasai population in Kenya, Africa. The money he raised will help drill a well and install a pump and filtration system for the Maasai.

In March, Wood and 38 others went on a spring break mission trip to Kenya, where he was impressed by the need for a water system. So Wood organized a yard sale with the Africa missions team at the Wenatchee (Wash.) Church and raised $1,100. Then the same group hosted two appearances by Andy Aho and Jabel Busl, missionaries to Kenya, along with a pasta dinner and quilt raffle. The raffle and dinner raised more than $3,000.

The Kenya trip inspired one of the adults to sell a car and donate the money to the missionaries in Kenya. Another team member, a local builder, sold a home and donated a portion of the proceeds.

The group is planning a second trip in March.