Gladstone Park Revelation Seminar

Fifteen thousand people received invitations to Gladstone Park (Ore.) Church's Revelation seminar held this spring at Denny's Restaurant and the church, leading to many new baptisms.

"I went when Bob was interested," Nelda Galatz remarked about the seminar. "It was the early part of the meetings that I decided to go all the way and join the church. It was a great bunch of people to associate with at the meetings and church."

Her husband, Bob, said, "I'm very thankful I came to the seminar. We received a handbill announcing the meetings from a list of former members who weren't coming to church."

Leroy Klein, who conducted the seminar, said, "I knew Bob 20 years ago when we had a business deal, and I never thought I would have the pleasure of rebaptizing him."

Another lady, a former Baptist who came into the church on profession of faith, said, "It was difficult to make the change from Sunday, but I thought that Saturday was the right day to keep."

"The average attendance was 30, and the idea for the seminar originated two years ago," Klein reported. He has been working as a chaplain for the past 25 years and is a church elder. Follow-up meetings are being held and more baptisms are planned.

Featured in: September 2003