Gladstone Park's 25th Anniversary

Gladstone Park (Ore.) members celebrated 25 years in their current church building on May 3, 2003. Sabbath morning services included Sabbath School presentations by early graduates of the Oregon City Church School and a choir performance conducted by 83-year-old Jack Just. Bruce Johnston, former early member and retired North Pacific Union Conference president, presented the sermon.

An afternoon program of music and memories reviewed the history of the church. "We are gathered here this afternoon to recall God's leading in the past 25 years,” said Paul Johnson, senior pastor, during his welcome. “But we do not want to ignore the history prior to our being in this building." Events reviewed during the afternoon included the establishment of a small company in Oregon City in 1876, various church sites, the church school on the campgrounds, Rivergate School and buying the current property.

The program concluded with Bob Durbin, an original member and construction person, who looked up at the ceiling and smiled, "Do you see that board and nail looking down at you? That was where I did some carpenter work. May we continue to glorify God in this edifice is my prayer!"

Featured in: August 2003