Heard a Good Story Lately?

Has someone in your church recently been baptized? The GLEANER welcomes stories that contain ideas others can use—stories that inspire others to find ways to lead people to Jesus. Why not get busy and write that story and have your church communication leader send it to us, along with a nice close-up photo of the person who was baptized.

The best way to submit stories is by e-mail to gleaner@nw.npuc.org. If the photo is digital, it may be sent as an e-mail attachment. Be sure it’s a high-resolution photo. Or a print may be submitted with the hard copy of the story. That helps guarantee that the photo will be used with the right story. Prints are not returned unless there’s a return address label stuck on the back of the photo. Avoid writing on the back of photos, or using paper clips or staples on photos to attach them to the hard copy—all of these damage the photos. Be sure to write a descriptive photo caption at the end of the story for each photo submitted. Mail prints and hard copy to GLEANER Stories, PO Box 871150, Vancouver, WA 98687.

Featured in: April 2003