Auburn Academy Discovers History Repeats Itself

Solomon, the wisest man who has ever lived, observed that “nothing is new under the sun.” He discovered in his last days that there was nothing new, only new versions of what has been.

Auburn Adventist Academy, established in 1919, has seen many of the same things repeated in more than 80 years of educating young people. Pictures taken in the 1920s during Auburn’s first decade of operation have recently been rediscovered in the form of old and dusty glass slides. These photographs have been digitally scanned and will be available in the new Alumni Directory, available during Alumni Days.

What these photographs provide is an opportunity to relive captured moments of the past. Comparing the activities of students eight decades previous to the current students of 2003, it seems that history does indeed repeat itself. We should never forget where we have come from because the past has led us to where we are today. •

Featured in: April 2003