Principles in Action Barn Party Raises Money for School and Teacher

Spokane Valley Adventist School began the year with a new teacher, Danny Terry, substituting for Debby Pipkin who had surgery July 30 in an ongoing battle with cancer. Students, teachers, friends, and family have been praying on her behalf for the past two and a half years.

A fall barn party was planned as a fundraiser, complete with a jail, a dunk tank, an air-filled castle for younger children, radio-controlled cars to play with, games of skill, and more.

Pat Frey, Spokane Valley School principal accepted a challenge to sacrifice his hair for the sake of his teacher, Pipkin. It probably seemed like a safe bet at the outset. After all, the $1,000 price tag that his scalp carried had to be totally comprised of freewill donations above and beyond the amount raised by ticket sales. Terry would have his hair on the chopping block $500 sooner and there was still a chance that the first sacrifice would be enough. Both lost their locks because of the crowd’s generosity.

Stan Hudson, Valley Church pastor, pledged his mustache for another $500 and the crowd met the challenge. Having never seen him without his trademark mustache, his wife, Cindy, had to have him pointed out to her. Indeed, Stan himself hadn’t seen his upper lip in 28 years! Imagine what his kids thought when their mom brought home a stranger from the barn party!

Donations for the Pipkin family totaled more than $2,000, and the Spokane Valley School was still able to raise plenty to support their school.

Enrollment up

School enrollment at the end of last year was a few students short of making the budget. Planning this year’s budget required a minimum enrollment of 60 students in grades one through nine. “Hallelujah,” exclaims Frey, “we have a wonderful student body with 63 students and 16 in the Kindergarten and Preschool programs.”

Community involvement

The atmosphere at the Valley School is fun, loving, caring, but most of all Christ-centered. The upper classmen with Terry’s encouragement and organization have been doing volunteer service work in the community. Rob Case Spokane Valley Church youth pastor, spends time each week in every classroom mentoring the students, talking about God with them, and organizing Week of Prayer.

Kaycee Lile

Kaycee Lile

Featured in: February 2003


Lola Lile

Spokane Valley Church communication director and Adventurer club director