Milo Students Play in the Rain In the Falk Sport Court

A few years ago, Esther Falk saw the need for a covered outdoor sport area where students could play sports outside and still be protected from the weather. Because of Oregon’s weather, the court needed to have flooring installed that would allow students to play without slipping on the cement floor. In November, a brilliant new blue and green sport court flooring was installed, thanks to another gift from Falk.

Falk and her late husband Rollin have blessed Milo Adventist Academy with generosity and support. In the very beginning of the school, they saw a need for a building to house the music program, and thus the Falk Conservatory was built. Over the years, their children and grandchildren have attended Milo Adventist Academy and Falk has been actively involved.

Falk was honored on alumni weekend, Apr. 5, 2002, with a special dedication of The Falk Sport Court.

Featured in: February 2003