WindWorks Fellowship Grows Rapidly in Olympia

WindWorks Fellowship, a newly planted church in Olympia Wash., was begun by two lay couples. In only two-and-a-half years, what began as a vision has grown from 20 to 95 attendees.

Dennis McKown, WindWorks lay pastor, says, “Music, acceptance of others, and a place for healing are three pieces of DNA purposely woven into the fabric of WindWorks Fellowship. Through these three entities, our goal is to develop a grace-oriented, contemporary, relevant church.”

The terms “evangelism” and/or “ministry” are used in the titles of all WindWorks activities, to show the congregation’s plan to make every event or gathering evangelistic in nature.

The church seeks to create a safe environment in each ministry so attendees feel comfortable inviting their unchurched friends.

Says McKown, “We want to meet needs and become friends before we present the truth as we know it, and so far it has been working!”

McKown is one of many church planters who come from all walks of life and are using often-interesting methods to sow gospel seeds.

Women’s Ministry at WindWorks, known as “A Circle of Friends,” sponsors two retreats a year and many social gatherings for women.

Friends are invited to brunches, take part in a book club, attend a high tea, or enjoy pampered evenings, receiving facials, manicures, or massages.

WindWorks’ Servant Evangelism ministry recently sponsored a float in the Olympia Lakefair parade, featuring the WindWorks praise band performing live music.

During that parade, WindWorks members gave away almost 2,000 bottles of cold water to parade spectators.

WindWorks’ Social Evangelism ministry sponsors five softball teams and several volleyball teams, all consisting of half WindWorks attendees and half non-attendees.

After every game, players, with their families and friends, meet for pizza or ice cream and fellowship. Several families and individuals have begun attending WindWorks Fellowship because of these teams.

“The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches,” says C. Peter Wagner, author of “Church Planting for a Greater Harvest.” Many have taken Wagner’s words to heart by accepting God’s call to start new churches.

SEEDS conferences, held every year in various locations in the United States and Canada, teach principles of starting new churches—with the goal of reaching people for Jesus.

SEEDS conferences teach church planting basics and provide resources for church planters and those thinking of becoming church planters. They also serve as conduits for networking, encouragement, and prayer.

The next SEEDS WEST will be held in Modesto, Calif., Feb. 7-9, 2003. More information about the event is available by phoning, toll free, (800) 255-7568 or visiting Web site

Featured in: December 2002