Auburn City Honors Public Servants

Members of the Auburn City Church recently honored King County Sheriff Dave Reichert, a prominent regional newsmaker and potential gubernatorial candidate.

Reichert attended the service, with the Honorable Peter B. Lewis, mayor of Auburn, Wash., and Fire Chief Bob Johnson.

Local member Herb Duncan, who worked closely with Reichert at the beginning of their careers, invited him to take part in the appreciation feature.

During his visit to the Auburn City Church, Reichert received a check for $1,000 from the congregation, for the family of an officer who recently died in the line of duty.

Roland Lehnhoff, local pastor, told Reichert how much his congregation appreciates the sacrifices of those who serve in law enforcement and fire protection. Reichert, in turn, shared his experiences as a public servant and a Christian.

The world is a different place than it was back in 1972, when he entered the force, Reichert said. Portable two-way radios were not available, and computers in patrol cars were non-existent. Community relationships were also few and far between, and officers were simply expected to show how big and tough they were.

In contrast, today’s police officers must continuously put their lives on the line for the public, and Reichert says he tells his officers to start their service with hearts of servants, displaying teamwork, service, integrity, and leadership.

“It is your city,” he told the congregation. “It is your Sheriff’s office.”

After Reichert spoke, Lehnhoff offered a special prayer for Sheriff Reichert, Mayor Lewis, and Fire Chief Johnson, asking God to lead, guide, and protect them in their leadership.

Featured in: December 2002