WWU President Addresses Racism [WWU]

On April 3, John McVay, Walla Walla University (WWU) president, addressed a campus-wide assembly regarding the core values of the university. In his comments, which included a response to a recent racist social media post on campus, McVay called for respect and care for one another. Citing the apostle Paul, McVay urged the campus family to unite by reconciling everything and everyone in Christ.

"Healing takes extended time and a dedicated effort," he said. "If we wish to heal, if we wish to activate and actualize Christ-created reconciliation, if we wish to impact Walla Walla University's deep culture, it will take sustained effort. It will sometimes take challenging and difficulte education and conversation. It will take a dedication to being in it for the long haul."

Click on the image above to watch McVay's address.

Read more on WWU's response and ongoing committment to promote diversity and inclusion: https://www.wallawalla.edu/statement

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