The Essential WWU Guide for Parents of High School Students

April 25, 2018

High school is an important time to help your son or daughter think about their interests and motivations — and to explore how college will fit into their future. Your child has an amazing journey ahead of them, and they will need your guidance and support. Start by asking — and really listening to — what your son or daughter thinks about their talents and preferences. What do they think they do well? What do they enjoy? What are they curious about?

College is about more than preparation for a lifetime of work. Education brings value not only to your child, but to society as well, as it helps your son or daughter become a productive citizen, charitable neighbor and wise steward. Christian education adds yet another level of value by promoting the thoughtful development of a Christian worldview; the formation of character, purpose and faith; and a calling to a life of service. College can be a priceless investment and one with life-changing opportunities.

Making the Right College Choice

Here’s how Walla Walla University can help your family choose the right college for your son or daughter:

  • We provide free career testing for help choosing a major and career;
  • A personal recruiter will be a guide through the college-selection process — even if it doesn’t end up being WWU;
  • Visits to campus provide an opportunity to explore the area and to talk with professors, recruiters and financial aid counselors;
  • We’ll send information frequently by mail and email to help your student get the most out of their high school years and to prepare for college;
  • Free workshops about how to pay for college are available during your student’s senior year of high school;
  • Events on the WWU campus — like U-Days, athletic tournaments, music festivals and writing workshops — allow your student to experience life at WWU.

Planning Now Saves Time and Money Later

Review your child’s high school transcript now and make sure that college requirements are being met. Walla Walla University recommends:

  • Four years of high school English, plus one year of a foreign language;
  • Four years of mathematics, including algebra 1 and 2, geometry, and, if possible, precalculus or statistics;
  • Three years of science, including at least two from biology, chemistry or physics;
  • Three years of social studies;
  • As many advanced placement classes as possible.

Taking these classes in high school will cost you less than having to take them in college and paying college tuition rates for them.

Paying for College

Heading into their final year of high school, many students are tempted to relax a little and coast into graduation. Working hard through their senior year helps them keep their study habits fresh and sharp as they head into college. Eligibility for scholarship money is another reason to finish strong.

WWU offers generous scholarships for grades and test scores. For instance:

  • A high school GPA of 3.9 or above earns a $12,000 award. That’s a total of $48,000 over four years of college. Scholarships are also offered for GPAs from 3.0 to 3.89.
  • ACT scores of 31 and above or SAT scores of 1440 and above also earn a four-year renewable scholarship of $12,000. (Students can receive awards for either grades or test scores, but not for both.)
  • National Merit Finalists receive a full-tuition scholarship for the first two years and a 50 percent tuition scholarship for the following two years. Semi-finalists and commended students also receive awards.
  • See a full list of scholarships available at WWU and a scholarship calculator at

Every year, WWU students qualify for an average annual financial-aid award of $23,116. This includes grants, scholarships, work study funds and loans. Approximately 90 percent of WWU students qualify for financial aid, and 29 percent graduate debt-free.

An investment in a college education pays off in job security and wages. Unemployment rates are almost double for those who have a high school diploma versus those with a college degree, and, over a lifetime, graduates with a four-year degree earn an average of $964,000 more than high school graduates.

A Christian college education is one of the best investments you will make. And at Walla Walla University, you will find exceptional academic programs in a friendly community where your child can thrive among lifelong friends.

Now is the best time to see for yourself. You and your student are invited to visit and experience WWU firsthand. The university will even help cover part of your travel expenses. To learn more or to schedule a visit, call 800-541-8900 or visit Your visit will kick-start your child’s amazing journey and will give you the information you need to support them every step of the way.