A Church Takes Kingdom Assignments

Members of the North Cascade Church in Burlington, Washington, used Kingdom Assignment to fulfill and strengthen already existing ministries. "Participants were to let God lead them in how to fulfill their assignments," says Tim Williams, NCC youth pastor.

This church raised their own funds through donations from an existing thrift shop, and some in-house outreach funds.

One family took the KA challenge and turned it into $7,000 worth of books for homeless children in the Skagit County. Another member took the KA second challenge dealing with treasure and sold a model train on E-bay. Bids began at $500 and closed at $1,575. Another member sold his snowboard.

One member, Peggy Fisher, felt impressed to fill backpacks with emergency sleeping bags, blankets, socks, gloves, scarf, hand sanitizers, rain ponchos, and scripture books to give to the homeless. The project began with $100 and ended with $2,915 and with a completion of 100 backpacks going to the homeless.

"The assignments did not produce new ministries for the church however, individuals and families participated in ministries they may not have been involved with normally," says Ira Bartolome, NCC associate pastor. "It did help to bring increased involvement in existing outreach ministries."

Featured in: January 2010