LACOM 90th

On May 1, 2016, a celebration of Jerry’s 90 years took place. Jerry and her family, along with some close friends, got together in Spokane, Wash., to share a delightful dinner and slideshow with pictures of Jerry’s life. When Jerry was first approached about having a party she was a bit hesitant. But now she will tell you, “Everyone should have a 90th birthday party!”

Jerry Ivey LaCom was born May 9, 1926, in Des Moines, Iowa. When she was 17 she graduated from Oak Park Academy and decided this was the perfect time to go west. After a few stops along the way she settled in with an aunt and uncle in Glendale, Calif. She wasn’t there too long when she met the boy next door, Alex LaCom. He was serving in the Army/Air Force and was soon sent off to fight in Europe.

Alex came back in September 1944 for a short visit with his family and began to court Jerry. Uncle Sam then sent him to Fort Wright in Spokane. But before he left Alex proposed to Jerry.

Jerry left California in January 1945, arrived in Spokane, and she and Alex were married before a justice of the peace. They were transferred to Santa Monica, Calif., then back to Spokane where Alex was discharged. By this time they had fallen in love with Spokane, and that is where they stayed.

Jerry was a homemaker who did it all. She canned fruits and vegetables and filled the basement “fruit room” with jars of food to last the winter. She baked bread and made homemade ravioli. She was a seamstress who sewed dresses and tailored a suit for Alex.

She taught herself to knit and became a knitting machine. She knit sweaters and hats and scarves by the dozens for her kids and later for her grandkids and the kids of friends. She also knitted dozens of gorgeous Afghans, many of which she gave away.

Jerry also became a nanny to numerous boys and girls. Many of those boys and girls, now grown with children of their own, still keep in touch with “Jerry Mom.”

Jerry and Alex loved to travel. They took road trips all around our country and together. Jerry has traveled to more than 40 countries. Both Jerry and Alex were active members of the Spokane Central Church.

Jerry and Alex were married for 53 years, until Alex passed away in 1998.

Jerry's family includes Gary and Margi LaCom of Corinth, Miss.; Kristi (LaCom) and David Candler of Graham, Wash.; Richard LaCom of Spokane, Wash.; 5 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren.

January 23, 2017