Alaska Young Adults Find Common Ground

On a fine sunny weekend in February 2024, young adults from southcentral Alaska gathered together to grow their faith, enjoy delicious food and foster wonderful fellowship. 

The weekend kicked off on Friday evening with the Anchorage chapter of Adventist Young Professionals leading the evening program, sharing music, giving insights about AYP and emphasizing the value of connecting with friends and God. 

On Sabbath, Tyler Drumm, pastor and young adult from southeast Alaska, explored the theme, “To be like Jesus ... Making Christianity Practical.” Drumm also made sure to include easy and practical resources he has developed or found to maintain a strong connection with our loving Heavenly Father and to share the message of Jesus’ love with others.

During the weekend, the young adult group also took time to experience the sights and trails found in the Anchorage area, which included a great evening at a local entertainment center playing games like nearly life-sized hungry, hungry hippos.

Alaska Conference is blessed and thankful for the exceptional young adults who are taking the lead in many ways in local churches and young adult ministries. The conference stands ready to support young adults as they serve within their congregations and participate in special events, such as the young adult weekend. Plans are underway for an annual young adult weekend focusing on faith, food and fellowship, with additional smaller events throughout the year. 

Featured in: May/June 2024


John Winslow

Alaska Conference education superintendent and youth and young adult director