Image Credit: David Paczka

RED 2024 Builds a Unified Future for Oregon Conference Hispanic Churches

RED 2024, the annual board members meeting in January, marked a significant milestone for Hispanic churches in Oregon Conference. With an attendance of 250 church board members, this event became a pivotal space for reflection, challenge and strategic planning.

The curtain of RED 2024 rose with an emotion-filled communion service, led by Dan Linrud, Oregon Conference president; Ben Lundquist, Oregon Conference young adult director; and Jonathan Russell, Oregon Conference assistant to the president. This sacred moment set the tone for what would be a meeting full of inspiration and purpose. The congregation shared communion while immersing themselves in an atmosphere of unity and commitment.

The core of RED is based on the motto, "Redeeming, Training — Entrenando in Spanish — and Discipling." This triad of concepts became the fundamental pillar of discussions and presentations marking the event. Seven key topics were presented by specialists in specific areas related to redeeming, training and discipling youth, addressing contemporary challenges and effective strategies. Participants engaged in deep and strategic discussions led by expert leaders who shared their knowledge and experiences in guiding youth.

A distinctive feature of RED 2024 was the dedicated time for planning. After each presentation, board members joined their pastors in one-hour sessions to discuss and design concrete plans to implement in their respective communities. This practical approach ensured that the discussed ideas translated into tangible actions, thereby strengthening the impact of the meeting on the ground.

The choice of meeting in January for RED 2024 was not accidental; the third week of that month has become a strategic moment for churches to gather and chart their plans for the year. This temporal consistency has allowed RED to position itself as an annual beacon, guiding Hispanic churches in Oregon toward a future filled with hope and purpose.

The event not only provided a space for reflection and planning but also fostered a strong network among participating churches. Collaboration and the exchange of ideas among leaders strengthened community ties, creating a vital support network to address current and future challenges.

This year’s RED was not just a meeting; it was a catalyst for positive change in Hispanic churches in Oregon Conference. Embracing the call to redeem, train and disciple, participants embarked on a joint journey to build a solid and hopeful future for youth in their communities. 

This annual event continues to underscore the importance of strategic collaboration and long-term planning in the growth and development of Oregon Conference Hispanic churches.

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