New Radio Station Expands Reach Across Alaska

Christian radio broadcasting serves as a vital tool through which God reaches people in rural Alaska, with its reach steadily expanding. Thanks to the efforts of Alaska Adventist Radio Network and Craig Adventist Church, Prince of Wales Island in southeast Alaska now boasts a new radio station, KPWI, broadcasting on 94.9 FM, which began airing on Oct. 20, 2023. 

After years of prayer, planning, obtaining permits and acquiring equipment, the new station is a welcome voice of hope and encouragement for the island's residents. The project was abundantly blessed by God. Initially estimated to cover a 5-mile radius around the city of Craig, the station reaches a radius of approximately 15 miles, which includes the city of Klawock, touching about half of the residents living on the island.

The radio station provides the community with around-the-clock Christian music and messaging. Your Story Hour is a beloved program for all ages. Residents enjoy gospel bluegrass, country music and Alaska Native language singing, alongside engaging programs like Bible Answers Live, It Is Written and Amazing Facts, igniting a growing interest in the Word of God. 

Craig Church leveraged the station to promote the 2024 Hope For Humanity statewide evangelistic series with plans to introduce local programming soon. While KPWI has already been a significant blessing to the community, prayer warriors are invited to join Craig Church in praying God will use the station to win souls to Christ for many years to come.

Craig Church extends special thanks to Ryan Woehler, Alaska Adventist Radio Network general manager, and his son, Thomas, for traveling from Nome to establish the connections. Craig Church also thanks Tyler Rental Company for providing the necessary heavy equipment for the installation and Jeremy Crew, Craig Church of God pastor, and Dwaine Vaughan, Craig Church elder, for their efforts in erecting and securing the tower.

Featured in: May/June 2024