Image Credit: Jasmine Rodriguez

GPAS Receives License for Early Childhood Care

Grants Pass Adventist School is now licensed by Oregon Department of Early Learning and Care to operate a childcare facility for ages 4 and 5.

“This is such a blessing,” said Jasmine Rodriguez, pre-K/kindergarten teacher, “because the young ones can feel included in a full day of learning."

"They can now be on campus for the full school day instead of only a half-day program," she continued. "They are able to explore new ideas, interact with each other and develop relationships. Relationships are being developed with Jesus, above all.”

Rodriguez is proud of her students this year. She says they are improving and learning every day, both in their educational and spiritual journeys. While doing independent crafts, students can be heard singing about Jesus.

Rodriguez says they are starting to understand that if they have an issue, they can pray about it. They know God will help them. “It is such a reward to see this happen,” she said.  

What kinds of crafts do the young children enjoy? They enjoy all types of crafts, of course. Right now, they are working on alphabet books where they turn the different letters into an animal of that letter.

The class will enjoy many exciting new projects in 2024. When warm weather arrives, there will be outside activities. The children will continue their educational and spiritual journeys, with Jesus at the center of it all.  

Registration is open for grades pre-K through eight. Learn more at

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