Image Credit: Jonathan Rayon Castro & Mariely Martinez

Hispanic Youth Ministries Fosters Connections With Spiritual Retreat

What happens when a committee of young adults comes together to build connections? Hispanic youth ministries is created and reintroduces Hispanic Youth and Young Adults Spiritual Retreat.

Last year, Hispanic youth ministries, comprised of seven committee members, embarked on a mission to support youth programs within Hispanic ministries across the region. Their approach is rooted in active engagement with the youth and young adults they serve.

“We listen to what our kids want,” said Mayra Ventura, Hispanic youth ministries administrator and Bellingham Hispanic Church youth director. “We always try to involve the opinions of the jóvenes and the young adults so we can have them engaged with us.”

Youth and young adults are looking for something unique and a place where they can foster community and connections with others. In response, Hispanic youth ministries initiated small-scale events within local churches, providing intimate settings for one-on-one interactions. These personal connections laid the foundation for trust, setting the stage for larger events.

The culmination of their dedication led to the revival of Hispanic Youth and Young Adults Spiritual Retreat. In early August 2023, Miracle Ranch served as a host site to 160 individuals ages 13–25. The retreat featured an array of engaging activities, including six workshops led by young professionals designed to nurture spiritual growth and teamwork. Beyond the workshops, attendees could enjoy thrilling social activities such as horseback riding, archery, paintball and boating.

The revitalized retreat was met with an overwhelming response from the youth and young adults. The spiritual retreat was so well received that they specifically requested their church's youth directors to invite the Hispanic Youth Ministries Committee to speak at their home churches, further spreading the message of unity, connection and community.

Through active engagement and a relentless commitment to meeting the needs of youth and young adults, Hispanic youth ministries has reignited the flame of Hispanic youth and young adults while sowing the seeds of enduring connections and spiritual growth in their community. The future holds great promise for this dynamic committee and the vibrant young individuals they serve, as they continue to inspire unity and connection throughout their journey.

Featured in: November/December 2023