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New Podcast Builds Bridges; Tears Down Walls

"You deserve to see Jesus in Christians" is the central focus of the new Oregon Conference podcast, Bridges Over Walls.

Over the last six years, Kaleb Eisele has worked in creative ministry and storytelling, having the opportunity to interview over 700 people for creative film, text and projects — including fellow Seventh-day Adventists, former Adventists, and many who have very little experience with the Seventh-day Adventist church at all.

That experience has made clear that forming healthy relationships is one of the most prominent problems we face as people. Whether across generations, cultures or even lived experiences, we have gotten very good at building walls between each other.

When we read the stories of Jesus, we see something very different. Societal and religious culture at that time was one with many of its own walls, dividing people by class, religion, race, gender and more. However, we see Jesus sitting with the woman at the well, healing the Roman centurion’s servant and standing between His own religious leaders and a woman they wanted to stone. Where people built walls, Jesus built bridges.

Now that lived experience and knowledge has inspired Bridges Over Walls, a show about relational healing.

In every episode the host asks, “What are the relational obstacles we have created as Christians, and how can we reconcile and come together as one community again?”

First season guests include familiar Adventist faces such as José Rojas, Andreas Beccai and Kevin Wilson, as well as new friends like the mayor of Gladstone, Oregon.

The show is produced by the Oregon Conference communication team, edited by Mitchell Kessler and hosted by Kaleb Eisele. Launched July 28, 2023, episodes are available on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and your favorite podcast app.

Show creators say they hope listeners will take a little time and learn alongside them as they build new bridges of connection with neighbors and each other this fall on Bridges Over Walls.

Featured in: September/October 2023


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