Milwaukie Spanish Adventist Church Member Ministers to Women

Since Erika Felix heard the Adventist message and was baptized in 2006, she clearly understood that Jesus was calling her to become a disciple of Christ whose life purpose would be to share the Good News.

"My life's mission is to share the healing love of Jesus with all the women around me and that makes me very happy," said Felix. "I really enjoy inviting my friends from my work to my house for tea and prayer. Some of them have already come to church, others have not, but I continue to invite them and show them Jesus is their best friend."

Felix shared she feels especially blessed that after praying and sharing Jesus with a single mother who had fallen into alcoholism after her husband abandoned her with their three children, she had the privilege of seeing her and her three children recently baptized.

When Felix, the youngest of 11 children, was about 10 years old, her father abandoned the family. "I used to see my mother sitting in front of our house praying, singing and reading her Bible. Sometimes I would see her cry, but her faith was very strong, and she kept singing and praising God no matter how difficult her life was," she said.

Felix thanks God for her mother who not only taught her to have an optimistic attitude in the midst of difficult situations, but showed her by example that God was a faithful friend and worthy of her trust and devotion.

Today, in addition to caring for her husband and three beautiful young adult children, Felix is an elder and the director of the women's and prayer ministries at her church. During the pandemic, Felix also began recording brief spiritual reflections filled with messages of hope and healing, which her friends regularly thank her for.

At the beginning of Milwaukie Spanish Church's Women in Power ministry, Felix cooked her invitees a healthy breakfast on Friday mornings, and after spiritual reflection, they prayed for each other. They currently meet one Friday a month at her home or at the home of one of the ladies. "Liz Batz — the pastor's wife — is always willing to share a spiritual reflection for this ministry of prayer, for which I am so grateful."

Marlon Batz, Milwaukie Spanish Church pastor, said, "Sister Erika's ministry allows plans and activities taking place inside and outside our beloved Milwaukie Spanish Church to be preceded and supported by the power of prayer. As celebrated preacher Charles Spurgeon once said, ‘In our church we have a power station, the ministry of prayer,' led by our sister Erika."

We pray that the Lord will inspire more disciples to become mission-focused powerhouses of prayer and disciple-making for God's honor.

Featured in: May/June 2023


Carolann De León

North Pacific Union Hispanic, family ministries and ministerial associate director