Image Credit: Boise Valley Adventist School

BVAS Prayer Answered, 10 Years in the Making

At the beginning of the 2022–2023 school year, Boise Valley Adventist School opened its doors to 94 students. The following weeks increased enrollment to 98 — an answer to prayer 10 years in the making. The prayer began with a campaign called Pray 75 and was introduced by Randy Maxwell, local pastor and school board member at the time. 

Like most schools, BVAS experienced a decline in enrollment and began the 2012–2013 school year with 67 students. Maxwell encouraged the board and staff to step out in faith, stating, “If you put it, they will come.” So, an extra desk was placed in each classroom and staff and students began praying for each desk to be filled. One by one, desks were filled until the school year ended with 74 students. Although enrollment didn’t reach 75, all were encouraged by the power of prayer.

Enrollment continued to hover below 75 for the next 10 years. Fast-forward to 2022, BVAS reached an enrollment of 98. God not only answered the prayers, but went above and beyond! Gerry Essink, BVAS secretary, was a staff member at the school when the campaign began and noted, “It is all in God’s timing!”

School staff and board members attribute the growth to God, His glory and His plan for BVAS. Sabrina Seigal, third- and fourth-grade teacher, shared, “Parents understand the importance of a school community and realize that BVAS offers a Christ centered atmosphere.” In addition, Jon Miler, school board chair, observed that the recent state of public education has caused many to rethink their child’s schooling and seek a school that more closely aligns with their values.

Courteney Mace, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teacher, noted the benefit of increased enrollment is that she is able “to share more about Jesus with kids who may not get to learn about Him.”

Other contributing factors include the addition of extracurricular activities, a cohesive staff, Christ-like attitudes, a supportive school board, excellent volunteers, a family atmosphere, happy students and word-of-mouth from caring parents — all working toward the same goal of expanding the ministry, welcoming all who enter the school and introducing students to Christ.

Staff, students and parents alike have witnessed the power of prayer and seen what God can do when things are left to His timing. As for the future, it’s time to set a new goal and watch God do the rest.

Featured in: January/February 2023