BACS Students Show Off Their Shop Class Skills

From picnic tables, sheds and charcuterie boards, the students at Baker Adventist Christian School have been busy making wood items in shop class. Shop class? In an elementary school? Yes! Boyde Hosey, BACS head teacher, teaches shop class in addition to fifth through eighth grade.

The students love building things. If a student isn’t able to go further than eighth grade, when they graduate from BACS they have a marketable skill.

Students in first through fourth grade made the charcuterie boards. The results of their work were on display at the school's recent fall festival. Some of the shop items were sold — the charcuterie boards were sold for $1 per inch. Other items, like the shed and picnic tables, had been pre-ordered. At the festival, church and community members enjoyed food, crafts and games. The fall event helped raise funds for the school and create new friendships.

Two additional sheds have been pre-ordered. Students in first through fourth grade plan to make more charcuterie boards. While they learn woodcraft, the students also have hands-on experience with measuring, math, reading and learning to follow instructions. 

Shop class isn’t the only out-of-the-ordinary class in this school. Students help run a small store, learning the skills needed to work in retail or perhaps their own business. Project-based learning is a great fit for this small school!

Featured in: January/February 2023


Eve Rusk

Idaho Conference communication director