Image Credit: Ben Dalusong

Oregon Conference Announces VP of Education

On April 28, 2022, a joint meeting of the Oregon Conference executive and nominating committees elected Brandon O’Neal as Oregon Conference superintendent of schools (vice president for education). For the past five years, O’Neal has served as principal at Portland Adventist Elementary School, guiding the school toward innovative growth amid the pandemic. Through the course of his service in Oregon, O’Neal has been repeatedly recognized for administrative excellence. In 2021, O’Neal joined the Oregon Conference office education team as a part-time associate superintendent, overseeing four schools in addition to his PAES principal responsibilities.

“Brandon’s dedication as a leader in the Oregon Conference and his innovation in curriculum development is vital,” said Bill McClendon, North Pacific Union vice president for administration and joint chair of the Oregon Conference nominating committee and executive committee. “We must continue to provide academic excellence while ensuring that every student and teacher matters.”  

With a Master of Arts in education administration and over 15 years of experience leading educational teams, O’Neal is well-prepared to take the lead. His expertise in strategic, collaborative leadership will help support and prepare schools for the upcoming challenges presented by our changing society.

While constituency session elections are only a few months away, it was important for the right candidate to be in place as soon as possible to help navigate the prime recruitment season for Adventist education. The Oregon Conference has not been immune to the post-pandemic migration. There are many positions to be filled before next school year. O’Neal will immediately join the associate superintendents in meeting this recruitment challenge.

“I am very excited to join the amazing team at the Oregon Conference,” wrote O’Neal. “Working side by side with all stakeholders our education department will continue to lead in innovative Adventist education while supporting and building strong communities with a focus on each individual child of God. I am humbled by this opportunity and thankful for the support of conference leadership, my colleagues, my school family and church community.”

Featured in: July/August 2022