Little Kids Care for Big Kids at WWU

Early this year, Rogers Adventist School joined the challenge of caring for Walla Walla University students at their home away from home. At different times throughout winter quarter, some WWU students found themselves quarantined, and the community pulled together to keep students’ spirits up while isolated from their peers. 

Rogers Adventist School’s third and fourth graders chose to write cards to the WWU students in quarantine as part of their curriculum for Big Life Journal, a daily journal workbook that prompts social and emotional learning. The students were practicing ways to show kindness to others and when they heard that there were college students in need of cheering up, they jumped at the chance to shower them with love. With construction paper, markers and glitter pens, they got to work.

The students drew art, wrote encouraging notes and even made pop-up cards for WWU students quarantining in Meske Hall. Tricia Lofthouse, Rogers’ guidance counselor, made sure the cards were delivered. 

Several third and fourth graders shared their motivation behind making these care cards. One student said that she knew that making these cards would help the WWU students because “when someone believes in you, you get better faster.” She said that even though she couldn’t see how their cards effected the college students, it made her feel happy just to know she was helping.

A Rogers' student who had experienced COVID-19 said she knew firsthand how uncomfortable feeling unwell can be. She wanted the WWU students to remember that Jesus would help them through it. She remembered how hard it was to be in quarantine where she couldn’t hang out with friends. She understood the college students must be lonely, and hoped her card would make a difference.

A different student expressed that she wanted to do what Jesus would do and show her support for the WWU kids. Several of the third and fourth graders were giddy thinking “us, little third and fourth graders, can actually help college students!” 

Other members of the community also pitched in to take care of the quarantined students. In early January, the University Church teamed up with the WWU Counseling and Testing Center to deliver whole pizzas to every student in Meske Hall. The church paid for the pizzas and the counseling department team delivered them to the dorm. “We were grateful to be able to collaborate with others to ensure that our students felt loved and cared for in this difficult season,” said Jaci Cress Solis, member care pastor. 

Several of the quarentining students in Meske Hall expressed gratitude for the unexpected care they received from the Rogers and church communities.

The children from Rogers Adventist School set out with the goal of spreading kindness and making a difference. They proved that no one is too young to make a difference in the lives of others. 

Featured in: March/April 2022